Something about “Talking to Strangers”, Malcolm Gladwell’s new book

I’ve reserved a copy of “Talking to Strangers”, Malcolm Gladwell‘s new book, from the Calgary Public Library and looking very much forward to reading it. Here are some video interviews Malcolm has done on his book tour to promote his book and some links to book reviews. Enjoy!

20190910, CBC Radio The Current (23 minutes), Can a stranger’s demeanour tell you what they’re thinking? Maybe not, says Malcolm Gladwell

20190904 Channel 4, “Malcolm Gladwell on truth, Trump’s tweets and talking to strangers

20190907 Economist, “Why we should talk to strangers, according to Malcolm Gladwell | The Economist Podcast

20190904, Penguin Books UK, Malcolm Gladwell on Talking to Strangers

News articles and Book reviews

20190906 Guardian (audio podcast), Malcolm Gladwell on the consequences of misreading a stranger

20190906 Guardian, “Malcolm Gladwell: ‘I’m just trying to get people to take psychology seriously’ – The Canadian writer made his name bringing intellectual sparkle to everyday subjects, and his new book – about how strangers interact with each other – is no exception

20190909 WBUR (radio interview) (with extensive text transcript), Malcolm Gladwell’s New Book Reveals The Mistakes We Make When ‘Talking To Strangers

20190909 NPR, Book Reviews , In ‘Talking To Strangers,’ Malcolm Gladwell Explores Why It’s So Hard To Do


20190912 Update: Yeah, My @calgarylibrary copy of “Talking to Strangers” by @Gladwell is here and in transit to my library! Can’t wait to read it!

CPL - Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

20190913 via Gladwell FB, “Looking forward to the SuperSoul Sunday episode airing on September 15th at 11am ET/PT. Join Malcolm and Oprah as they discuss #TalkingToStrangers! Tune in on OWN or stream via the SuperSoul Facebook page.

20190920 Update: Episode 912: Malcolm Gladwell | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network


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