Op-ed: Ontarians, Call your MLA and Premier Doug Ford’s office to stop him from using notwithstanding clause to cut size of Toronto city council

Just read this news and saw part of the LIVE press conference re Premier “Ford plans to invoke notwithstanding clause for first time in province’s history, will call back Legislature on Bill 5“.

This news made me absolutely sick! I urge all my friends in Ontario or those who have friends in Ontario to call their MLAs to stop this mad action by Premier Doug Ford! Don’t let your Charter Rights eroded like this!

In 2005, the Alberta government mused about invoking notwithstanding clause over same-sex marriage but they smartened up and nothing ever happened at the end because of public outrage!

In 1998, Alberta’s justice minister vowed to invoke the notwithstanding clause to limit the compensation paid to nearly 500 people who were sterilized without their permission. //The government withdrew the legislation less than 24 hours later in the face of public outrage.//

I was so angry that I called my MLA (the late Hon Ron Stevens) who was a QC (and later the Justice Minister and Deputy Premier) and gave him my 2 cents of why it would be so wrong morally to use the notwithstanding clause (incidentally, an Alberta idea (see the Late Alberta Premier Hon Peter Lougheed explained in “Why a Notwithstanding Clause?“). My point is we citizens can and have to speak up!

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