Crazy Rich Asians Movie – technical filmmaking post

I LOVE Crazy Rich Asians the movie so I’m finding a ton of technical filmmaking videos to watch and articles to read. Here are a few. In this last post, you can watch a bunch more videos and read articles. (Note: I may update this post to add more later.)

Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim on writing CRAZY RICH ASIANS

Academy Conversations: Crazy Rich Asians (wearing my producer hat, I LOVE this Q&A starting at the 9:30 mark with a magical wow kind of help from author Kevin Kwan in help securing an epic hard to get location!!! (In reference to that location, here is a side article about actress Janice Koh and her husband Lionel Yeo.))

New York Times – Screen Times: “Crazy Rich Asians”


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