(with video) Supreme Court of Canada Delta v Lukács 6-3 win interview with Passenger Rights Advocate Dr. Gabor Lukacs

Supreme Court of Canada Delta v Lukács 6-3 win interview with Passenger Rights Advocate Dr. Gabor Lukacs

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CBC News, “Supreme Court orders 2nd look at complaint about airline bumping obese passengers – Canadian Transportation Agency had refused to investigate 2014 Gabor Lukacs’s complaint because he isn’t obese

The Supreme Court of Canada has ordered the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) to take another look at a complaint about how Delta Air Lines deals with obese passengers.

iPolitics, “SCC bounces complaint about airline obesity policy back to federal agency

For Lukacs, the victory is bittersweet because of a clause in the new proposed passengers’ bill of rights currently sitting with a Senate committee. Transport Minister Marc Garneau’s bill, C-49, specifically prohibits anyone but “a person adversely affected” from filing a complaint about an airline with the CTA.

Lukacs feels the clause frustrates the work of public interest advocates like himself. He has acquired detailed knowledge of airline regulations and doesn’t charge passengers for his work on their behalf. Of course, those passengers will be free to hire lawyers — but the cost might be a deterrent for them.

“Today we have won the battle, but the fight is far from over,” Lukacs said this morning from his home in Halifax.

“The Canadian Transportation Agency and the airlines would just love to shut the door to public interest advocates, but the Supreme Court of Canada has said no, that’s not what the purpose of the law is,” he said.

National Post, “Transportation watchdog must revisit air passenger obesity complaint – The Supreme Court of Canada ruled 6-3

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