20170212 reading, video, audio list (North Korea, missile launch, Japan, Victoria Beckham, 十歲任建峰, 爸爸被捕, 人情冷暖, NSF Research)

CNN, “North Korea’s missile launch: Japan, are you watching?

The Business of Fashion, “Victoria Beckham live from NYFW

HK01 任建峰, “爸爸被捕,讓十歲的我見證何謂人情冷暖

Vogue Runway FB Live, “Victoria Beckham is live with Vogue.com’s Edward Barasmian at her #NYFW show.

Via Yann LeCun, Director of AI research at FB. This is mad! //The beginning of the end for federal funding of basic science in the US.
If this goes through the Senate, research funded by NSF will now have to demonstrably be in the “national interest”.
This is how you turn a leader in technological innovation into an also-ran.
A lesson in Golden Goose slaughtering.//

Science AAAS, “Updated: U.S. House passes controversial bill on NSF research

York U makes a 3D heart beat as one

Mashable Dan Rather, “A scientist examines the folly of ‘I am not a scientist.’” (FB posting)

Conversations in Science with Dan Rather and Nobel Laureate Paul Nurse

[Note: This will likely be the last one of these lists. It takes time to make them. And I don’t know if I can easily Google to find an old item from these lists.]


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