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Zest Online (German English publication), “Adolf Hitler : “Wait Calmly” – They argued he would grow more reasonable once in office and that his cabinet would tame him. A dictatorship? Out of the question! How journalists, politicians, writers and diplomats weighed in on Hitler’s appointment as chancellor.

Apple Daily, “世道人生:「同行」者們

CBC News, “Court denies Trump request to immediately restore travel ban – Trump administration said judge was ‘second-guessing’ president on matter of national security

CBC News, “Trump travel ban has Iranian scientists looking for new places to do research – ‘At some point we want to feel welcome at the place where we are living and working,’ says Harvard student

In a bio-technology lab at Harvard University’s medical school an international group of highly skilled scientists are dreaming up new ways to engineer artificial human tissue with 3-D printers. Some of their brainpower these days, though, isn’t focused on the science but instead on U.S. president Donald Trump’s immigration ban and what it means to them and to their work.

“Half of the discussions in the lab these days are about this topic and not about science,” said Saghi Saghazadeh, a 30-year-old Iranian who has been living and studying in Boston for two years, on a single-entry J1 visa.

She’s one of 20 Iranians, with varying legal status, working in this one lab of 100 people at Harvard. It draws doctoral students and instructors from all over the world.

But their expertise doesn’t exempt them from the travel ban enacted more than a week ago.

立場新聞, “政治眾籌

K’s note: 香港人應該留意多啲中國新聞, 睇多一點世界大事. 藝術家艾未未早於2011年, 已經用「借錢」同「債主」一個概念, 在認為「錢大晒」嘅中國大陸, 發揮左民主發聲音嘅嘅精神! #借款近3萬筆 [HT Tsoi]
2011年11月13日,艾未未從支持者那獲得「借款」近3萬筆,903萬元 //



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