20170204 reading, video, audio list

Calgary Herald, #LovelyStory “La La’s local connection: Calgary grandparents proud of Oscar-nominated Damien Chazelle

NPR, “Fact Checking This Week In The Trump Administration

WaPo, “Meet the Bush-nominated federal judge who halted Trump’s executive order

Guardian, “James Robart: judge derided by Trump known for fairness and helping children

WaPo, “Trump’s rallying cry: Fear itself

“If he frightens people, it puts him in the driver’s seat. He’s in control,” said historian Robert Dallek. “These are what I think can be described as demagogic tendencies.”

Timothy Naftali, a New York University professor who specializes in presidential and national security history, said, “We have a special word for seeing a threat everywhere. It’s called ‘paranoia.’ It’s good for mobilizing a base. It’s very bad for turning a base into a governing majority.”

Guardian, (Australia’s PM) “Malcolm Turnbull says Trump phone call worked in Australia’s favour

“Malcolm Turnbull says his infamous phone call with US president Donald Trump last week has worked in Australia’s favour, because it inspired “dozens and dozens” of US congressmen to publicly support the Australia-US alliance.”

Love this #GoodAd & #AnInterview of Liv Tyler with Patrick Hoelck. [HT Patrick]

(part 1 of 2) 【平反背後】(上) (Mandarin & Cantonese Chinese segments)

(part 2 of 2) 【平反背後】(下) //馬雲龍: 我不會自詡是記者,但我不會忘記是一個公民,是一個人。// [HT Chun Hoi]


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