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Theresa May’s Trump Card” by Guy Verhofstadt (ref FB post), a former Belgian prime minister, chief Brexit negotiator of EU

A second episode occurred earlier this month at a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council, where British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson vetoed an EU statement of support for an ongoing Middle East peace effort. The British government then refused to send a high-level delegation to a Middle East peace conference organized by the French government, arguing that it would send the wrong signal just four days before Trump took office. It is no secret where Trump stands with respect to the Israel-Palestine conflict: throughout his campaign, he promised to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – in clear violation of international law.

Meanwhile, there is some evidence to suggest that Trump’s Euroskeptic team is influencing May’s Brexit strategy. Johnson met with key members of Trump’s administration just prior to May’s recent speech, and we can safely assume that they discussed the UK’s path out of the EU. Trump administration officials, for their part, have since suggested that they helped convince May to roll the dice on a hard Brexit.

Security Risks of the President’s Android Phone” & “this story

#RoomBug #PresidentialLevelSecurity #ShakingMyHead

““His off-the-shelf Android could potentially become a room bug without his knowledge,” celebrated cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier told MC by email. “And an attacker could certainly hijack his apps.” Even if Trump’s phone were a newer Android model capable of receiving the latest updates — which the S3 is not — that wouldn’t be enough for presidential-level security. Asked if there might be vulnerable code in Android that hasn’t yet been discovered, Schneier wrote: “Of course there is. All of these attacks are possible, and even probable by the big intelligence agencies.””

this from Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research at Facebook & “First they came for the Iranians

//Blocking Iranian students from getting visas to study in the US is pure madness.
Blocking Iranian graduating PhD students from getting visas to work in the US is insane.
It’s ridiculously counterproductive. Scott Aaronson says it well.
These young people (many women among them) want to get out of Iran for a reason.
And what goes for Iranian students goes for students from many countries now blacklisted by the Trump administration.//

President Donald Trump to publish weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants

K’s Note: #EthnicHatred It is sad and scary to see US slowly becoming a nation of hate of immigrants which all Americans are compare to native Americans. My friend Justin said it right, “This would only work and be fair if there was also a list alongside stating the weekly crimes committed by Americans.” But that is not going to happen because America First! Trump seems to be dead set in dividing and breaking United States. Another data point against the ideal of “checks and balances”. [HT Justin]

The New Yorker’s copy editor Andrew Boynton revises some of Donald Trump’s recent remarks.

Bonus video: This is about science. In a sense, science reminds us we all live in one earth and we are small in compare to our big  universe.

Professor Kip Thorne’s Public Lecture – A Century of Relativity

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