D-Wave 2000Q Quantum Computer First Customer


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First DWave2000Q Customer: Temporal Defense Systems #QuantumSecurityModel #QSM #qSec

From TDS about page: //Temporal Defense Systems is engineering an improved technology security paradigm. TDS technologies will measurably and cost-effectively improve cyber security through the normal technology refresh cycle. Over time, the incremental adoption of the new TDS cyber security paradigm will transform the entire technology environment to a safer future.

TDS has developed the latest next-generation security technology, the Quantum Security Model (QSM), which employs a new unit of measure, the qSec™. The qSec quantifies the relative security health of an individual computing device, any of its subcomponents, or an entire network. For the first time, it will be possible to measure a security baseline and compare technology on a security criteria basis. Security is now quantifiable and will be an increasingly determinate factor in the selection of what technologies to own and deploy. Manufacturers and developers will be able to make safer design decisions, and businesses and consumers will be able to make safer purchasing decisions. The result will be positive behavioral changes that will help reduce cyber risk even in the face of a growing threat environment.//

Something about QSM:

//The Quantum Security Model introduces standardization, rigor and transparency to the security evaluation of assets (systems and components). Current methodologies are too often non-standardized, incomplete, opaque and static. The QSM methodology fills this gap by providing:
A normalized methodology and new unit of security measure (the qsec) for analyzing and evaluating assets in a consistent manner. This allows for the security profile of and between components to be more accurately understood, measured and weighted to reflect relative importance.//

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