LOVE Amy Adams’ Arrival & Bonus 200+ Minutes Videos

If you haven’t seen Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner‘s Sci-Fi film Arrival directed by insightful French Canadian Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners (2013) and Sicario (2015)), go watch!

Creativity, I think, is based on risk. Only way to make something good is to flirt with disaster. You must walk on the edge of failure in order to succeed. It is a very dangerous position for me but I feel alive when I do that.” – Denis Villeneuve (Arrival video interview with AP)

Here are some great reviews:

Here is a trailer and a few specially insightful behind the scenes videos I watched.

Arrival Premiere with Writer Ted Chiang (source short story (MAJOR Spoilers): Story of Your Life)

Arrival | On-set visit with Denis Villeneuve ‘Director’

DP/30: Arrival, Denis Villeneuve

DP/30 @ Telluride ’16: Amy Adams, Arrival (and Nocturnal Animals)

DP/30: Arrival, Eric Heisserer (screenwriter)

This is a cool ad about the movie. It is not a trailer but it is very neat.

My friend Brad Blanks got to talk to Amy on the red carpet.

Dec 6th, 2016 Update: IndieWire, Filmmaker Toolkit Podcast: How Drunk Astrophysicists Inspired ‘Arrival’ Scribe Eric Heisserer to Become a Screenwriter (Episode 14)
Spoiler WARNING starts at 25 minutes markPodcast – IndieWire Filmmaker Toolkit – Arrival Screenwriter Eric Heisserer

P.S. Paramount’s ‘Arrival’ Gaffe Ignites Outrage in Hong Kong is a sad story. Without going to a protracted discussion, Glass Heart (玻璃心) is a term used by mainland and Hong Kong Chinese to describe someone easily hurt emotionally by really small stuff (remember that book series?). The poster is one of those things. And after watching the movie, there may be a lesson to learn from all of us.

P.P.S. Here is a cool (unrelated) video by Ted Chiang

Ted Chiang on the Future

Speculative Visions with Ted Chiang (Talk & chat posted by Asian American Writers’ Workshop) 

Update: Guardian book review, “Wonder boy – China Miéville revels in Ted Chiang’s high-concept collection, Stories of Your Life

April 8 2017 Update: Blue Ray extras

Arrival – Principles Of Time, Memory & Language

Arrival – Xenolinguistics: Understanding Arrival

Arrival – Nonlinear Thinking: The Editorial Process

Arrival – Eternal Recurrence: The Score

Arrival – Acoustic Signatures: The Sound Design

The producers used Denis’ movie Incendies to convince Ted the writer that they can make a good film.

Incendies Trailer

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