Buffett Talks His Early Career in Finance and Advice for Investors

Some time codes of a great video.

6:00 Warren rented a house 6:54 I LOVE the answer Warren gave and he made me ROFL! :) 10:00 Start of segment 2 11:23 Telling (a then 30 years old recently wealthy) Bob Woodward, “Investing is just about assigning yourself the right story.” 22:21 Start of segment 3 23:27 The Buffett Tax 25:13 What Buffett wants to be his legacy? 25:38 Money has no utility to me. Time has utility to me. (New Quote I LOVE) 27:40 The END of the interview.

Buffett Talks His Early Career in Finance and Advice for Investors on ‘The David Rubenstein Show’ (Note: For some reason, the video works (at the moment) but the thumbnail doesn’t.)

P.S. I’ve read, enjoyed & “reviewed” The Snowball (Alice‘s insightful biography about Warren) when it first came out and I quite enjoy watching this interview by David even though some of the info are obviously covered in Snowball. Thanks Bloomberg for sharing this post.

P.P.S. Warren is still so sharp at 86 and still remember all those numbers from years ago!


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