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How To Prepare For Prison trailer

How To Prepare For Prison info from CIFF: //Director Matt Gallagher and producer Cornelia Principe in attendance at both screenings! (K Note: Will be very cool to meet the director and producer.)

HOW TO PREPARE FOR PRISON examines the lives of three very different convicts as they navigate the legal system from conviction through sentencing. The cases aren’t considered in terms of guilt or innocence, but rather pragmatically in terms of each convict’s unique life and emotional landscape.

Director Matt Gallagher (IN HER FOOTSTEPS, GRINDERS) follows Joe, Courtney and Demario (respectively charged with marijuana trafficking, fraud and felony assault) over a period of three years as they work with lawyers and prison consultants to anticipate the needs of their families and emotionally prepare for the physical rigours and threats of incarceration. Gallagher also interviews Lee (sentenced to 40 years for armed robbery) whose open and frank discussion of his experience begs the viewer to consider the difference between the humiliation of punishment and constructive rehabilitation.//

Digital Journal: “Review: ‘How to Prepare For Prison’ is an intense tearjerker

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