Hooligan Sparrow (with extra) @calgaryfilm #CIFF2016

Hooligan Sparrow (流氓燕) Trailer

Hooligan Sparrow (流氓燕) info from CIFF: //Chinese activist Ye Haiyan already had a reputation as an agitator when six schoolgirls went missing in her province in 2013. A prominent women’s rights activist, she had made a name for herself protesting for the rights of sex workers while blogging under the name of “Hooligan Sparrow.” So when two school officials are investigated for kidnapping and sexually abusing six schoolchildren, Ye’s fierce protests quickly go viral.

Documentarian Nanfu Wang chronicles the resulting harassment, eviction and violence that Ye endures while also investigating corrupt public servants, plain-clothed policemen that suddenly turn their intimidation efforts towards her. A harrowing whistleblower story shot mostly on a hidden camera and smuggled out of the country, HOOLIGAN SPARROW is a testament to the bravery of both the subject and the filmmaker.//

HOOLIGAN SPARROW – Uncovering China’s Child Sex Abuse Scandal with Director Nanfu Wang (excellent and in depth interview at Sundance)

Hooligan Sparrow Gets Enthusiastic Response at Sundance Premiere

Hooligan Sparrow Movie Review (2016) | Roger Ebert site review

Nanfu Wang’s Remarkable Documentary Debut Hooligan Sparrow – IndieWire Sundance Review

From Ai Weiwei 2010年08月26日对叶海燕(流氓燕 Hooligan Sparrow)的采访 – August 26, 2010, Interview with Ye Hai Yan – 草场地 (35 minutes, Mandarin only, no English subtitles)

蘋果日報 – 2011-04-21 – 「我和艾未未的故事」《一虎八奶圖》女角:願以命撐 (Cantonese news of Hooligan Sparrow with Ai Weiwei with Chinese subtitles, no English)

P.S. 7 minutes video from Guardian.Wang Yu was the most high profile of the lawyers arrested in July 2015 in a crackdown on rights campaigners in China. She was held on suspicion of inciting subversion after one of her last cases, a sexual assault involving six underage girls and their school headteacher in Wanning City. Despite pressure on the girls’ parents to stay quiet, Wang Yu took up their case, risking her safety to inform the public about their rights, and fighting for the incident to be classified as rape.


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