VR/360 sessions at TIFF 2016

VR/360 Creative Concept meets Practical Design | DIALOGUES | TIFF 2016

//When balancing compelling cinematic storytelling with a technology still in an experimental stage, creative, production, and post-production teams must work together in uncharted territory to build cohesive blueprints for VR projects. Trailblazers in the field walk us through the unique challenges and creative possibilities of this burgeoning medium.//

VR/360: Mapping Sustainable Business Models | DIALOGUES | TIFF 2016

//Just as the film industry embraced early digital technologies, which have now evolved into the SVOD platforms, OTT, and on-demand services we see today, there is now mass movement into Virtual Reality. Companies are formulating strategies on how best to monetize this new technology and the content available. This discussion will examine the business models they are exploring, look at how they plan to overcome the challenges associated with evolving technology, and highlight the ways the film industry and filmmakers could best exploit the financial opportunities VR presents.//

Doug Liman | MASTER CLASS | TIFF 2016 (heavy focus on VR)

//From Swingers and Go, to the Bourne Series, Mr & Mrs Smith, and The Edge of Tomorrow, director/writer/producer Doug Liman is always seeking innovative ways to deliver high-octane compelling stories in film and television. Liman reveals why he and his company, 30 Ninjas, are venturing and investing in VR, multi-platform and interactive content, and discusses his new VR short-action series. Invisible, a partnership from Condé Nast Entertainment, 30 Ninjas, Jaunt and Samsung.//


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