He who seeks beauty will find it. – Bill Cunningham dies at 87

I’m deeply saddened Bill Cunningham, legendary NYT Fashion Photographer, dies at 87 (reports from THR, NPR, Vogue). I found a few great videos online and here they are.

(uploaded Sept 2014) Bill Cunningham recalls the greatest fashion show he’s ever seen: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis

“If you don’t dress the inside of your head like you’ve been dressing the outside of your body, you’re in trouble.” —Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham on his legacy and the future of fashion (Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis)

Someone compiled and posted this “Bill Cunningham: Words of Wisdom” (based on scenes in the docs) in Jan 2013.

4 July 2016 Update: I am thrilled that 92nd Street Y put up their full session with Bill, all 106 minutes of it! (broken link, see14 July 2016 Update)

14 July 2016 Update: I am saddened that 92Y had stopped making Bill‘s interview publicly available. Sorry if I may sound too harsh but there is a scene in Bill’s documentary where we were told that he refused to cash a big cheque that he deserved when one of the magazine he worked for was sold. Bill is a national/international treasure, and I am saddened that (for whatever reason, may be ultimately coming down to money) Bill‘s interview is off limit to the general public. Shame on whoever made that decision. Sorry for being harsh to whoever decided that or the charity/organization that made that decision.

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