Two hours of Richard Plepler, HBO Chairman & CEO before his Banff World Media Festival visit in 7 days

RICHARD PLEPLER - Chairman and CEO, HBO - interview pix

RICHARD PLEPLER – Chairman and CEO, HBO – Company of Distinction Keynote

Richard Plepler, HBO Chairman & CEO (named to this position in January 2013), will be coming to Banff World Media Festival in 7 days to participate in a feature conversation (Company of Distinction Keynote) with etalk’s Ben Mulroney in the morning of June 14th to to discuss all things HBO and its place as the home of some of the best entertainment of the past 30 years. And then in the evening, he will accept, on behalf of HBO, the Banff World Media Festival Company of Distinction.

Plepler has a long career at HBO and as co-president from 2007 to 2012, he was responsible for green-lighting of successful series including True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom and Game of Thrones, as well as first season Emmy® Award-winners Girls and Veep.

Given the international success of HBO and the insights Plepler can impart, it is a rare opportunity for entertainment industry participants in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and in fact anywhere in the world to attend Banff 2016 and learn from the likes of Plepler in person.

In anticipation of Plepler‘s conversation at Banff, this reporter has done some research and found the follow video presentations (six clips totalling over 2 hours) to help readers and viewers familiarize with some of the ideas he may discuss or share at Banff.

1) HBO CEO Richard Plepler: Full Discussion @The Paley Center for Media (published May 6, 2016) (57 minutes)

2) Richard Plepler: Stick with the Optimists – commencement speech Franklin & Marshall College Class of 2015 (21 minutes)

3) HBO’s Richard Plepler on the transformation of television (Washington Post published on Oct 15, 2015) (29 minutes)

4) HBO’s Richard Plepler and Jimmy Iovine on Dreaming and Streaming – FULL CONVERSATION (Vanity Fair, published Oct 8, 2015) (31 minutes) (Plepler talked about his first encounter with Iovine re “fuck the police” in a song at time code 1:04).

5) CEO calls HBO NOW a ‘Millennial missile’  (Apr 7, 2015) (3 minutes)

6) Why Snowden chose John Oliver  (Apr 8, 2015) (2 minutes) (Here is that 2015 April show with ~12 million views, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO)“)

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