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I only knew Dr. Uli Sigg (1946 – ) as a collector of Ai Weiwei‘s arts and the donor of his M+ Sigg Collection. I now realize there are so much more to learn about Dr. Sigg (a major collector of Chinese art since 1979 and visited over 1,000 Chinese artists according to this video). Have a read of this NYT article, “A Swiss Champion for the Art of a Rapidly Changing China” and the following video clips. Awesome!

P.S. I am adding Dr. Uli Sigg to my list of “Great minds of our time” and “Friends of China” where I put the likes of professors Milton Friedman and Ronald Coase.

SwissMade: The untold story of Uli Sigg

中国通(3):乌里·希克 Uli Sigg and Art

Jun 2015, ZHdK Lectures on Global Culture mit Uli Sigg: The Sigg Collection and its Public Intermediation (time code 10m19s, skips intro)

Published June 2015 Presentation (~25 minutes) by Uli Sigg en FORO COLECCIONISMO ARCO 2015

Aug 24, 2013, “St. Moritz Art Masters 2013 – Dr. Uli Sigg

Here is a Nov 28 (?), 2015 instagram post of Ai Weiwei with Dr. Sigg.

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April 30, 2016 Update: Wishing Dr. Uli Sigg Happy 70th Birthday! Wishing Dr. Sigg good health and all the best!

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Uli Sigg 70th birthday

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