#BuyPens Photo of Syrian refugee selling pens to feed his young daughter – Without waiting to be asked

Here is CBC News report in August 2015 (with video), “The life of a single father, who just three days ago was spotted selling pens in the streets of Beirut to feed his tired young daughter, has been forever changed thanks to a single photograph.

Abdul Halim Attar is a Palestinian-Syrian refugee living in Lebanon with his nine-year-old son Abdelillah and his four-year-old daughter Reem.

A chocolate factory worker before the civil war broke out in his country, Attar reportedly lived with his family at the embattled Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus before fleeing three years ago. He is one of 1.1 million refugees from Syria who currently reside in Lebanon.

Icelandic web developer named Gissur Simonarson launched a crowdfunding campaign that tried to help without waiting to be asked. We can’t solve all of world problems but we can try to do something to effect changes.

Note: This 2015 Dec 3 UK Independent report has been RT by Simonarson, “#BuyPens: Syrian refugee photographed selling pens to feed children uses crowdfunding to start businesses

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