Viral note to prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau just got a reply today

20151023 Justin reply to viral note

20151023 Justin reply to viral note

At October 19th 10:40pm MT, Casandra Effe posted a public Facebook note to prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau started simply with, “Hey Justin. I’m Casandra, and I’m an average west coast, middle class mom voter.” Thanks to the magic dust in the air of our social media age, Casandra’s note went “viral” and the rest is history. The note now has 42,600+ “likes” and 37,700+ “shares” at press time (as I typed this at 3:33pm) and it keeps climbing for a very special reason.

The reason that the “likes” and “shares” will likely keep climbing today is that Casandra’s note has just got a reply and a share from the prime minister-designate, Justin the man himself, today on October 23rd at 2:04pm MT!

Casandra’s original note was moving as it went on to say, “You and I are the same age. I have so much to learn in terms of diplomacy and leadership, and so I’m guessing you acknowledge this in yourself too. This is going to be quite the ride for you and me.” And then she laid out clearly and concisely 10 points covering many important areas that must have touched some core nerves of Canadians. The 10 points include asking Justin for changes to our electoral system (point #2), rebuilding Canada’s name on the world stage (point #3), don’t be bought by big companies and lobbyists (point #4), protect our rare and natural resources (point #5), support science and the dissemination of the research results by reputable and skilled Canadian scientists “rather than destroy it” (point 7), support an unbiased public information forum (point 8), and finally point #10, “Bill C-51. Fix that thing. That’s like a bad sci-fi movie happening in real life. I can’t believe you voted for that in the first place.”

Trudeau wrote in his reply, “Casandra, I’ve read your letter with great interest and admiration. Your honesty and frank words have resonated across the country, and I take them to heart. First, thank you for your vote. Since the start of this campaign I’ve pledged […]” And he seemed sincere.

Trudeau ends his reply with (emphasis added), “Right now, I’m focused on building the Cabinet that will make our plan a reality starting November 4th. I hope you’ll stay as engaged as you are now throughout the process – and feel free send me another Top 10 some time down the road!

At the end of the day, it a a pleasant change to see a Prime Minister who seem to care. Care enough to encourage a citizen to stay engaged, and even asking her to send new “Top 10” sometime down the road.

This reporter has reached out to Casandra to try to interview her to get her comments. No reply as of press time.

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Note: In the not too distance future, it will be very useful for reporters to know what posts are written and shared directly by the prime minister-designate Trudeau himself. Possibly borrowing a page from President Obama’s Twitter account @BarackObama policy, “This account is run by Organizing for Action staff. Tweets from the President are signed -bo.” May be posts by Justin himself are signed -jt.

October 24, 2015, 10:33pm update: Casandra Effe gave CBC News a video interview (~8 minutes long). Have a watch as I Casandra is quite well-spoken.


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