Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

Mr. Stephen Harper‘s fear and hate election campaign scared my wife and I so much that we volunteered for hours in the last days of the 2015 election campaign to delivery literature to hundred of households in our riding of Calgary-Heritage, Harper’s riding. Plus me working as a Liberal scrutineer (candidate’s representative) on election day from 5:00pm till 11:20pm to make sure the election and vote counting were done fairly.

We even attended your packed rally on Sunday Oct 18th (one day before election) in Calgary. We saw so many Canadians just LOVE you! The crowd was madly in love with you. So many wanted to attend that it filled the room to capacity and we and many other Canadians were left standing outside listening to you!

Now, writing as a Liberal supporter, I hope we Canadians won’t blindly go for Trudeaumania 2.0! To make Canada stronger, I believe we Canadians (Liberals, Conservatives, NDPs, Greens, et al) need to help hold you and your government accountable.

The broken promises of “Hope and Change” by “Nobel peace prize-winning” President Barack Obama should have taught us that a “well-meaning” and popular president can still turn US and the world into a surveillance globe. (see P.S.)

As reported by Calgary Herald, you’ve promised to, and I will hold you accountable to these and more,

  • Reform question period in the House of Commons so that one day each week would be devoted solely to grilling the prime minister.
  • Impose spending limits on political parties between elections, not just during election campaigns.
  • … do away with first-past-the-post (FPTP) in time for the next election.

These are important and great start! How many newly elected leaders would promise to create opportunities one day each week to let the opposition parties just to grill them? Not many. I will give you time to show you can and will keep your promise.

My best,


Note: The idea of this letter came from CBC radio show, The Current October 20th, 2015 “‘Dear Prime Minister’ letters call for action from Justin Trudeau“. I love how the show end, “The thing about cash registers [Mr. Harper’s election gimmick] though is that they have multiple uses. Sometimes we need them to pay the bills. Sometimes, we use cash registers to get change.

P.S. Thanks to Mr. Obama, we have a horrible surveillance globe as Edward Snowden has exposed. And lets not forget Canada is one of the Five Eyes countries! Kids scared of blue skies (thanks drone strikes), etc. The actions of US have given cover to totalitarian governments like China to do whatever beep they want to do because they can easily point to U.S. and say Obama has done the same or worst!

Again, Trudeaumania 2.0 may be fun for a few days and lets have some fun. But at some point, soon I hope, we should stop. Because this Trudeaumania business is absolutely nuts in our post-Obama world. #TeachableMoment

P.P.S. On the day to celebrate the movie Back to The Future (2015/10/21), Justin posted this adorable Facebook photo with his son and daughter! Awesome. And I posted this public comment.


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