A small act is worth a thousand Facebook Likes

“A small act is worth a thousand Facebook Likes.”

Note: This quote is a tiny modification of Ai Weiwei ‘s famous quote “A small act is worth a million thoughts” in my long list of quotes I love. With the proliferation of social media, sometimes people feel they have “done” something by a “like” but a small act (however small) means something concrete.

P.S. Today, as I re-watch the full video of Mohamed Fahmy and his lawyer Amal Clooney talk to the Frontline Club, I sent in my tiny contribution (just C$10, less than a movie ticket) to help Fahmy Foundation for a Free Press‘s effort in advocating for reporters and photographers unjustly imprisoned worldwide.

Again quoting Ai Wei Wei, “A small act is worth a million thoughts.” Don’t just “think” or “Facebook Like“, do something. No matter how small. In my case here, I haven’t even sacrifice enough to buy one movie ticket. Of course, as you will hear from Mohamed, social media attention helps his case too, so I am not going to argue against observable positive effects so I lowered my original “million Facebook Likes” to “thousand Facebook Likes” in order to hedge my bet a little. :)

Mohamed Fahmy and his lawyer Amal Clooney talk to the Frontline Club (streamed live on 2015, Oct 7th)

Apr 12, 2016 Update: For the record, seems like the foundation hasn’t setup a PayPal account so my tiny contribution was returned. At the end of the day, the small action was what was counted. I still maintain, do what we can, regardless of how small it may seem.

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