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HKtv Umbrella Revolution - Indiegogo page

HKtv Umbrella Revolution – Indiegogo page

You can click this Indiegogo project link right now to contribute or click on the above picture to bring you to our Indiegogo project page. Here are some information about the documentary with an extensive Q&A for your information.

“(香港電視+雨傘) 革命 (HKtv+Umbrella) Revolution” is a documentary consisting of two volumes/parts. Volume 1 is “香港電視革命 HKtv Revolution” and Volume 2 is “雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution”.

Volume 1 “香港電視革命 HKtv Revolution”

Volume 1 is about the HKTV protests and TV license issuance disputes seen through the eyes of eleven people: the HKTV10, ten HKTV employees who camped and protested at the Civic Square “公民廣場” in front of HKSAR government HQ (香港電視政總留守十子,簡稱「留守十子」) for days, and Kashy Keegan, singer/songwriter of “This is my dream”, a song selected by HKTV for a TV show which later became a de facto HKTV protest song. Filming and interviews for “HKtv Revolution” started in October 2013 during days of massive protests resulted from Chief Executive Mr. Leung Chun-ying HKSAR government’s rejection of HKTV’s license application. The director has made good progress to finish up volume 1 in August/early September 2014 but then 雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution happened in late September 2014! Since the director sees HKTV protests as the beginning of something bigger, the  film was naturally expanded to include “雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution”.

Volume 2 “雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution”

Volume 2 is about the ongoing (over one month long) massive protests in multiple areas of Hong Kong including Admiralty 金鐘, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣 and Mong Kok 旺角. The director has organized many video clips, photos, artworks from 40+ trusted sources who have experienced Umbrella Revolution on the ground in Hong Kong or have something special to say. If possible, depending on the funds raised in the campaign, the director may consider taking a trip to HK to conduct some in-person interviews and shoot some footage. Paradoxically, the director sees not being in HK has freed his mind to look at the bigger picture. 雨傘革命 Umbrella Revolution is a powerful movement because of the large number of people involved and not by one or a few people alone. Materials from 40+ trusted sources have certainly given the director a different (and likely better) look on things on the ground of Umbrella Revolution.

Please contribute to make this project a reality!

Your contributions small or big can help make “(HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視 + 雨傘 ) 革命” a reality! Contribution levels start from just one Canadian dollar (which is about HK$7) and you get my BIG Thank You! Really, every contribution counts! Everyone supporting by even a small amount will add up collectively! Witness what HKers have achieved collectively in the last few weeks.

At Canadian $11 (about HK$77) “Level 2 – Revolution Watcher”, you will receive a link to watch the film online when it is available. Plus thanks in the film!! YES, the end credits will include the line “Crowd funded by” with YOUR NAME (using your Indiegogo contribution name)!

At Canadian $22 (about HK$154) “Level 3 – Revolution HD”, you will, in addition to Level 2 rewards, receive an HD digital download of “(HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視 + 雨傘 ) 革命“ when it is available (after film festival screenings to make the festivals happy).

At Canadian $33 (about HK$231) “Level 4 – Revolution Trilogy“, you will, in addition to Level 2 & 3 rewards,  receive an SD digital download of director’s debut documentary “Long Hair Revolution 長毛革命” (2005) featuring Hon Leung Kwok Hung 梁國雄議員. In 2009, Long Hair Revolution received the honour to be included in the Canadian federal government’s “Library and Archives Canada” permanent collection.

There are seven contribution levels with many rewards listed on the right side of this page, so feel free to select any amount of contributions that fits you!

Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) in “Library and Archives Canada”

As an independent filmmaker, I try to make films that I think will be interesting and hopefully insightful to watch. If I had waited for someone’s approval or proper funding in 2004, I would not have started shooting my directorial debut documentary Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命), a film featuring Legislative Council member Hon Leung Kwok Hung 梁國雄議員. In hindsight, I seized that particular moment in time/history and found a story worth telling. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, I am proud to say Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命)was screened at Calgary International Film Festival in 2005. And in 2009, it wasadded to Canadian federal government’s “Library and Archives Canada”permanent collection in Ottawa. Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) made me proud, and I hope “(HKtv + Umbrella) Revolution ( 香港電視 + 雨傘 ) 革命“ will help document more pages of Hong Kong history and be interesting to watch.

Connect and contribute via crowdfunding

I am using crowdfunding to connect with people interested to help the film becoming a reality and to watch it. I’m asking you to join us and to contribute to the project so we can have more resources and spend quality time to craft the film. If we have more resources, we may be able to pay someone a small honorarium to perform a task if qualified volunteers can’t be found (e.g. music score for the film if I can find some help).

I will close with the last few words of singer Amanda Palmer’s eloquent TED Talk about crowdfunding “The art of asking” (changing “music” to “documentary”),

When we really see each other, we want to help each other. I think people have been obsessed with the wrong question, which is how do we MAKE people pay for [documentaries]. What if we started asking, how do we LET people pay for [documentaries]? Thank you.

There are seven contribution levels starting from as little as C$1, please contribute to this project and help make the film a reality!


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the film in Cantonese with English subtitles (廣東話對白,英文字幕)?

A: Yes, the film is in Cantonese with English subtitles (廣東話對白,英文字幕) so non-Cantonese speakers around the world and Mandarin speaking Chinese in China can watch.

2) How firm is estimated delivery date of “July 2015” or “August 2015”?

A: The estimated delivery dates of July/August 2015 is a  rough estimate only and subject to change. Backers of the project will receive periodic updates and be kept informed of any delivery date change.

re: Volume 1 “HKtv Revolution” – HKTV is scheduled to launch on Nov 19th, 2014 so that is happening soon. HKTV launched a judicial review in January 2014 and some people expect to see the court ruling in late 2014. So hopefully there will have enough HKTV materials by January 2015 to start wrapping up Volume 1 “HKtv Revolution”.

re: Volume 2 “Umbrella Revolution” – As of today (November 4th, 2014), Umbrella Revolution is still going strong and there is no obvious end in sight. And even if it “ends” some how, it won’t really “end” sharply because there may be pending judicial proceedings (court cases), etc. The director will have to decide when there be “enough material” to make a good film.

3) Please talk about the Umbrella Revolution footage and photos.

The director has received wonderful help from HKers in providing him with many Umbrella Revolution related footage and photos to help him tell the stories. The current funding goal is very tight and don’t include any budget to travel to HK for any filming. If the campaign ends up receiving many generous support from backers and well exceed the current funding goal, then the director will consider possibly using some of the raised funds to travel to HK to conduct some in-person interviews himself and shoot some footage. Too soon to say.

At the same time, doing this documentary from a distance has provided the director a bird’s eyes view of Umbrella Revolution. The director believes there can and should be multiple documentaries told of Umbrella Revolution. There is no “right” view. Just different views, different stories to tell.

As discussed above, the director now has materials from 40+ trusted sources and in recent days, GBs of video and photos added. For Umbrella Revolution, materials from multiple people can provide more comprehensive views of the bigger pictures  of things happening on the ground.

4) What makes two films a trilogy?

A: For the current film, two films HKtv Revolution & Umbrella Revolution are in fact being combined into one cohesive unit. This is why two films become a trilogy. So the two films Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) and (香港電視+雨傘) 革命 (HKtv+Umbrella) Revolution form a trilogy.

5) Why Revolution? Doesn’t it have a meaning of overthrowing a government?

A: Yes and no. Some people think the word “Revolution” can only mean overthrowing of a government (or something). It can mean that but I respectfully disagree with “only”. English is a powerful and living language, one that is defined and moulded by its users. We, that is you and me. Digital Revolution did not overthrown the Industrial Revolution, it simply marked the beginning of a new age/phase. I made my documentary Long Hair Revolution (長毛革命) in 2005, Mr. Leung (長毛) didn’t overthrown anyone. I saw him as starting something new and important. Thats all.

6) Has HKTV been mistyped as HKtv?

A: No, HKtv is not a typing mistake, it is deliberate and intentional. When discussing HKTV as a TV broadcasting entity, it is HKTV. But in the context of this documentary, HKtv Revolution has the letters “tv” in lower case because the “tv” protests is seen as only the triggers. Hong Kong, under Chief Executive CY Leung’s leadership, was under major change so “HK Revolution” was implied from “HKtv Revolution”. Witness the recent Umbrella Revolution, and people can see the rationale.

6) Can I watch a clip to have a taste of what the film may look like?

You can watch a rough cut of the first 3 minutes of “(香港電視+雨傘) 革命 (HKtv+Umbrella) Revolution” which appears at the end of the crowdfunding project video in Cantonese (廣東話版) or English campaign video.


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