Karl Lagerfeld on change, school, his daily rituals – New quotes I love

Mr. Karl Lagerfeld is just amazingly insightful. Love these three quotes from this Women’s Wear Daily article and adding them to the long list of Quotes I Love,

On change: “I change over the time. I don’t have a fixed position. If you do in fashion, you are dead. You have to adapt to the times.””

On school: “Education is great, but each one needs to find his calling and educate himself. School is not enough if you don’t give it 300 percent.””

On his daily rituals: “I tend to prefer mornings for designing. And always after reading the papers, because I like to be informed. Paper is at the root of everything. Fashion starts with a sketch and ends up with photos. I don’t like computers for designing. It’s a craft. You have to know how to draw. I sit at several drawing boards at home, listening to music. Time flies. Then, I am served lunch. In the afternoon, I go distribute my work, my portfolio under the arm, like a young student.””


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