Dennis Wood Morpheus Stabilizer inventor interview & demo

Dennis Wood Morpheus Stabilizer inventor

This morning I had a great & insightful Skype video interview with Dennis Wood, inventor of  Morpheus, an affordable (starting from C$125) stabilizer for GoPro, smartphone, and small cameras. Dennis is using a Kickstarter project  he created 6 days ago (on November 12th) to raise funds to make Morpheus possible (project closes on December 12th, 2013). During the Skype interview, Dennis even took time to show me an impromptu demo “fly around” of the office using an iPhone 5 with Schneider Optics’ iPro wide angle lens to give me a first-hand LIVE sense of what it feels like to “fly around” . My apologies for the lower quality footage as the Skype video and the recording software reduce the video quality considerably. You can see the best quality of what Morpheus can do by checking out The Run (a clip shot with the Morpheus Stabilizer) and its Kickstarter pitch video.

So far, Dennis has raised $32,000+ in 6 days exceeding his original campaign goal of $25,000 and he still has 23 days to go to raise more money! Now I don’t usually do this, but yes, I’m sold after the interview, and I’ve pledged the $175 level and ordered myself a Morpheus Stabilizer Pro which comes with a Morpheus Stabilizer and a Wheels Kit. I may still upgrade to the $250 kit if I can find some use cases for having the “Rail Kit” to justify the added expense. Hope you learn something from my extensive interview with Dennis and from the “LIVE” Skype video “fly around” demo which was a ton of fun for me.

Dennis Wood Morpheus Stabilizer inventor interview

Dennis Wood Morpheus Stabilizer demo

Morpheus Stabilizer’s Kickstarter pitch video


1) It was good & important for me to confirm that Morpheus Stabilizer will work with a ~600 gram super-zoom camera like the Lumix FZ200. Plus a tip that the best “fly” result can be achieved by setting the lens to its widest mode.

2) A  version of this report by me can be seen at


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