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Please support my  Indiegogo Funding Campaign for my second documentary “ScrewYouApple”!

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Documentary ScrewYouApple – Director’s Summary

ScrewYouApple is a tiny Pentalobe screw-inspired film of action that plans to formally ask Apple to stop screwing customers & Think Different again! ScrewYouApple will explore Apple’s multi-billion dollar cash-generating machine (possibly including the powerful App store) and also document my journey to formally ask Apple to stop screwing customers and get Apple to return to the inspiring ideals set out in Apple’s iconic Think Different “The Crazy Ones” Ad campaign. In a creative manner for a documentary, I intend to use a Shareholder Proposal as defined by the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (specifically Rule 14a-8) to formally ask Apple to Think Different again!

Please support the making of ScrewYouApple by choosing a perk on the right of the screen to join us on this epic journey, to try to change the world for the better.

(NOTE: If you are in China & unable to access YouTube video link, please try

ScrewYouApple – Director’s Statement

If the 1989 documentary “Roger & Me” could be simplistically summed up as a film about director Michael Moore pursuing General Motor CEO Roger Smith to confront him about GM’s harm to Flint, Michigan, then may be ScrewYouApple could also be simplistically summed up as a feature-length documentary about crowd funders & supporters of ScrewYouApple combining our voices to try toformally ask Apple senior executives and shareholders to stop screwing customers and to Think Different again.

The creative spark for ScrewYouApple came from the tiny Pentalobe screws inside a MacBook Pro (see picture). I wondered what design/engineering purposes would the five-pointed Pentalobe screws have in serving Apple or its customers? After doing some research (CNet & iFixit), I learned the tamper-resistant Pentalobe screws (now used in wide range of Apple devices including iPhones) are there to stop customers from performing simple upgrades/repairs like replacing a battery, etc (in a sense to “screw” the customers) so that Apple can make more money. These tiny screws can be viewed as tips of Apple icebergs floating on top a sea change.

Pentalobe Screw Y✿u Apple

With your support, ScrewYouApple will explore the Apple’s multi-billion cash-generating machine (possibly including the powerful App store) and also document my journey toformally ask Apple to stop screwing us (one possible question: stop the use of Pentalobe screws) and get Apple to Think Different again (returning to the inspiring ideals set out in “The Crazy Ones“). (more about “formally ask” in Q&A #2)

Specifically, ScrewYouApple will include a look at the changes/evolution happening in Apple from the 1997 Think Different days to the 2013 Apple of today holding billions of cash. And to reach out to “screwed” Apple customers/former fans to hear and collect some of their stories. By makingScrewYouApple a crowd-supported feature-length documentary, the film aims to transform our singular voices into something loud and clear enough for Apple to notice. The making of ScrewYouApple can be viewed as an example of Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote, “The Medium is the Message.” (more details in Q&A #3)

Please support the making of ScrewYouApple by choosing a perk on the right to join us on this epic journey, to try to change the world for the better. The film’s current target completion date will depend on when I can “formally ask” Apple but you will receive many updates and video clips to watch from me along our epic journey if the fixed-funding campaign goal is met by the deadline!

Thanks for your support in making this film possible,

Kempton Lam (director & producer)

P.S. I don’t hate Apple. In fact, you may be surprised by Q&A #1.

Kempton’s filmography

Leung Kwok-hung (nickname “Long Hair”)

In 2004, Kempton single-handedly directed, produced, shot, and edited his documentary directorial debut “Long Hair Revolution“. The 71 minutes Long Hair Revolution is a film about the then newly elected Hong Kong legislator Leung Kwok-hung (nickname “Long Hair”), a Che Guevara t-shirt wearing rebel/activist. In 2005, Long Hair Revolution world premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival.

In 2009, Long Hair Revolution was acquired by the Canadian government’s “Library and Archives Canada” permanent collection where it “collects and preserves Canada’s documentary heritage, and makes it accessible to all Canadians.

“Long Hair Revolution” (長毛革命) selected to be part of Library and Archives Canada collection

Questions & Answers

Q1) Do you hate Apple? Have you ever bought any Apple products?

A1) No, I don’t hate Apple! In fact I’ve been using Apple computers for 20+ years, from my first computer all the way to my current computer: Apple II to Macintosh Portable to Quadra 660AV to TiBook (Titanium PowerBook G4) to Power Mac G5 up to my current aging mid-2009 MacBook Pro!

Q2) What’s your plan to “formally ask” Apple? Do you plan to finish the film in 2015 or 2014?

A2) I plan to use a “Shareholder Proposal” which is not hard to understand but very complicated to execute correctly and not be rejected by the company! Based on my research of Rule 14a-8 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (see also, I will need to hold “at least $2,000 in market value” of Apple shares, “at least one year by the date” the proposal is submitted, and follow many rules & steps. And then I may be allowed to submit an official Apple Shareholder Proposal to “formally ask” Apple senior executives and shareholders in the following annual meeting and have it included in Apple’s Company’s Proxy Materials (following SEC rules and regulations). Since the 2013 Apple annual meeting was just held, it is likely too late to make it for the 2014 annual meeting, so the 2015 annual meeting seems, based on what I know now, the earliest achievable date. The 2015 vs 2014 meeting date will obviously affect the completion date of the film. And I expect Apple to do everything it can to reject a Shareholder Proposal it doesn’t want to see. So careful thinking and planning will be needed to get everything in the Shareholder Proposal right, I will see what I can do and I may ask for help as well.

Q3) Why use crowd-funding? Why is “The Medium is the Message” relevant here?

A3) Making ScrewYouApple a crowd-funded documentary project ensures we have wider support from many people and not just individual voices that Apple can easily discount. Marshall McLuhan‘s famous quote, “The Medium is the Message.” is right on here. The fact of a successfully crowd-funded documentary project with the title ScrewYouApple is a message in itself to Apple. For your enjoyment, I’ve curated a YouTube playlist of 7 video clips entitled “Marshall Mcluhan in his own words (and others)“. Have fun.

Q4) How do you plan to used the funds raised?

A4) Equipments purchase (cameras, memory cards, computer, audio recorder, etc), travel expenses for on location interviews and filming, film crews’ time, license songs, and other expenses.

Q5) Do you see yourself facing more challenges making “ScrewYouApple” than “Long Hair Revolution“?

A5) When I made “Long Hair Revolution“, because Mr. Leung (Long Hair) was a regular anti-government protester, I had to be careful to stay neutral and avoid getting myself arrested. So I was mostly safe except a few dicey incidents which turned out well for all, at the end of the day.

With respect to making ScrewYouApple, I am trying my best to understand & follow US & Canadian laws. Including US Copyright laws (Fair Use & Parody laws, supreme court and federal court rulings, and expert opinions, etc) and Canadian Copyright laws (Fair Dealing, etc) to make a solid and uncompromising film, speaking truth to power while respecting the laws. And this starts with using Apple’s Think Different legally following the laws.

Q6) What is one of the major differences between the “style” of Long Hair Revolution vs. ScrewYouApple?

A6) When I made Long Hair Revolution, I was very strict on a self-imposed “non-interfering rule” that at one point I refused to loan an equivalent of US$20 to Long Hair for boat fare to attend a protest! In ScrewYouApple, I am effectively putting myself in the driver seat by “formally asking” Apple. In a sense, the funders and supporters are a riding along with me in this epic journey to try to get Apple to listen and change. And I will be sending frequent updates to funders and supporters.

Q7) What about music and songs in the documentary?

A7) I’m excited that my UK-based musician friend Justin Hill has agreed to be the soundtrack composer of ScrewYouApple. Have a listen to Justin’s “Orchestration” even it is too early to decide what styles of music will work.

I’m also looking for some cool songs with fitting lyrics/titles by lesser known artists to use in the film. For example, the ccmixter song “Hear Us Now (poptastic mix)” sounds nice and has a fitting title. Let me know if you see something nice, fitting, and affordable.

Q8) Are all levels of contributions appreciated?

A8) Absolutely! All levels of contribution are very much appreciated. Again, your contributions to this crowd-funding film is an example of Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message.” so each and every single contribution counts in the combined message we send together!

Q9) What are some other ways I can help?

A9) Besides monetary contribution in exchange for the awesome perks, you can help this campaign by getting the words out to your friends and relatives (start with telling five to ten people) about this campaign. ScrewYouApple can use all the help you can provide! You can use the Indiegogo share tools as well!

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