Precious and Candid Bob Dylan interview (1986) posted by Christopher Sykes

Here are a few videos about Bob Dylan posted by Christopher Sykes. I LOVE interviews, masterful interviews done well are awesome to watch. These interviews are very cool. You get to see Bob drew Christopher LIVE on camera!

Bob Dylan, 1986 – Part 1 of 4

Bob Dylan, 1986 – Part 2 of 4

Bob Dylan, 1986 – Part 3 of 4 [minus ‘Trust Yourself’ version]

Bob Dylan, 1986 – part 4 of 4: Bob meets Grizzly the wrestler…

From the YouTube descriptions,

This was filmed in a car park in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1986 while Bob Dylan was playing the part of retired rockstar ‘Billy Parker’ in a Hollywood movie called HEARTS OF FIRE, directed by Richard Marquand (JAGGED EDGE, RETURN OF THE JEDI). This was the closing scene of a BBC TV ‘Omnibus’ documentary called GETTING TO DYLAN.

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