Lucky Go Daddy nerd @JesseHeiman kissed Victoria Secret’s Model after working hard

20130206 Maria Quiban from Fox LA with actor Jesse Heiman who kissed Bar Refaeli (Victoria's Secret model) in SuperBowl2013 GoDaddy "Perfect Match" ad - pix 04

Behind the scene Pix (Click to see): How +Maria Quiban “actually” :) kiss actor Jesse Heiman (who kissed Victoria’s Secret model Bar Refaeli)

Thanks to +Maria Quiban +FOX 11 Los Angeles  for an  #epic  hangout withactor Jesse Heiman who got to kiss Victoria’s Secret model Bar Refaeli in that GoDaddy “Perfect Match” ad!  #superbowl2013  Go Daddy “Perfect Match – Bar Refaeli kissing Jesse Heiman” Super Bowl 2013 commercial

P.S. Most people just want to think “What a lucky guy?! People have no idea Jesse Heiman has been an actor (working as extras and other roles) for 12 years and has an extensive resume!

I love this quote““Ben Hogan said, ‘Golf is a game of luck, the more I practice, the luckier I get.’ The harder you work, the luckier you are.” Yes, before you attribute others’ success on “luck”, work hard, very hard. You may then earned the “luck” to experience Louis Pasteur’s “Chance favors the prepared mind.” yourself one day. I work very hard to get lucky. Wish me luck (or success)! :)

Fox 11 Google+ Hangout: Jesse Heiman The Go Daddy Nerd Talks About Kissing Bar Rafaeli

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