Snow Angeled Nine Homes – My submission for Good Book for a Good Deed

Snow Angeled Nine Home

In recent years, how many of us has made a conscious effort to get to know our neighbours a little? Something as simple as saying hello and getting to know their names? Not wanting to continue the cycle of isolation, when we moved into our area a few years ago, we made an effort to say hello to neighbours in homes surrounding ours. Yes, we are old fashion. How so? Well, we even delivered small gifts to our neighbours once in a blue moon! To our unsuspecting neighbours, over the years, we’ve shared with them small boxes of chocolate, Chinatown baked goods, home-made banana bread, and yes, a few times I even “shared” my special chicken (see video for a  making of) with them!

Back to today, so my next-door neighbour is away on holiday for a few days and asked me to clear snow for him so his tenant (an elderly lady) won’t be inconvenienced by his absence. Well, this days when I clear snow on sidewalks, I usually do both my immediate neighbours’ as well. Today, something inside me thought, why not clear a few more neighbours’ homes?! So I ended up very happily (yes, I need the exercise) Snow Angeled Nine Homes!

NOTE: To get the ball rolling, I am entering this story as the first entry to the “Good Book (FREE) for a Good Deed: Creative Philanthropy Redefines Success“.

Please submit your entry and I will disqualify myself once I see a first entry! If there is only one entry, you automatically win!


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