Rewind YouTube Style 2012 features Gangnam Style & Call Me Maybe

Few hours ago YouTube released Rewind YouTube Style 2012 featuring remixes of two of the most popular and frequently remixed songs on YouTube this year. Yes, they are of course Gangnam Style (973+ million views) & Call Me Maybe (361+ million views). I’ve no doubt that Rewind will gain millions of views thanks to being featured on the YouTube icon alone plus it has PSY and a long long long list of stars featured in Rewind. (see below)

To me, the two original songs are much more interesting than this Rewind remix. What do you think? In fact, some of the more interesting remixes of the two songs are likely more fun/entertaining to watch than Rewind. My personal favorite remixes include Gangnam for Freedom – Anish Kapoor and Friends (252K+ views) which was a direct result of Ai Weiwei’s 草泥马 Gangnam Style (994K+ views). And the Call Me Maybe – 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team (10+ million views) remix.

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p.s. Here is the long long long list of stars in featured in Rewind

Walk off the Earth –
AlphaCat –
KassemG –
DailyGrace –
MysteryGuitarMan –
DaveDays –
DeStorm –
PyroBooby –
BarelyPolitical –
RealAnnoyingOrange –
FreddieW –
CorridorDigital –
RhettAndLink –
Smosh –
FeliciaDay –
ChesterSee –
iJustine –
EpicMealTime –
MyHarto –
JennaMarbles –
ShitGirlsSay –
JuicyStar07 –
GloZell –
ClevverTV –
SmoshGames –
HuskyStarcraft –
RyanHiga –


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