Marshall McLuhan 1979 Australian The Medium is the Message Lecture

March 2nd, 2013 update: I just added this YouTube playlist of some fascinating Marshall McLuhan clips. Here is a list of Marshall McLuhan quotes. And a Slate article, “Marshall McLuhan Talks Presidential Debates on The Today Show, 1976“. Enjoy.
Marshall McLuhan is a wise man and his words are amazingly timeless and relevant even 30+ years later. Have a watch of this McLuhan lecture recorded by ABC Radio National Network on 27 June 1979 in Australia, according to the clip description. The Australian audiences asked some great questions and McLuhan‘s answers are most fascinating. Enjoy.

 Marshall McLuhan Full 1979 lecture in Australia – Part 1 of 3

This is one of the many pearls of wisdom in part 1,

For example, the word ‘read’, ‘to read’ means to guess. Look it up in the big dictionary. The word ‘rǣdan’ means to guess. And reading is actually an activity of rapid guessing. Because any word has so many meanings. Including the word reading. Many many meanings. To select one, in the context of other words, requires very rapid guessing.

Marshall McLuhan Full 1979 lecture in Australia – Part 2 of 3

In part 2, McLuhan briefly (in an answer) gave a high praise to James Joyce‘s Finnegans Wake.

Marshall McLuhan Full 1979 lecture in Australia – Part 3 of 3

In part 3, McLuhan briefly (in an answer) talked about President Richard Nixon being interviewed by David Frost.

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Update: This is the classic funny clip that you probably have seen before “Woody Allen meets Marshall McLuhan“.

Marshall McLuhan at 100: Media Expert Paul Levinson

The bit about McLuhan calling Levinson on the phone to talk for minutes, giving live commentary, about President Richard Nixon being interviewed by David Frost live on TV was priceless!


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