Which side has the edge in NHL owners vs. players 6-on-18 negotiation?

Based on CBC report, (links added)

The NHL Players’ Association says 18 players will attend the session, including Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Ryan Miller, Shane Doan and Mike Cammalleri.

They will sit across from six league owners: Mark Chipman (Winnipeg), Murray Edwards (Calgary), Larry Tanenbaum (Toronto), Jeff Vinik (Tampa Bay), Ron Burkle (Pittsburgh) and Jeremy Jacobs (Boston).Neither commissioner Gary Bettman nor NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr will take part.

In earlier report, there was talk of six NHL players and now we know there are 18. Lets look at some facts, the NHL players are great at playing hockey, and some are probably very smart and intelligent individuals worthy of our admiration. But it is far to say, the physical fitness and their power and skill on ice are the tools of their trades. How the NHL players make their millions.

On the other hands, the six NHL owners are all millionaires (if not billionaires)! And they acquire their wealth over the years by being good in businesses, investments, etc which has negotiation skill as a core part of their skill set. Sure, this negotiation is quite unique thanks to an idea by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. But then lets not forget Mr. Bettman was hired by the NHL owners “with the mandate of selling the game in the U.S. market, end labor unrest …“.

I personally think the owners may have an edge if we are talking purely about negotiation. But at this point Canadian hockey fans don’t really care if the millionaires or the billionaires win/lose and for how much. They just want to watch some NHL hockey!

What do you think? Do you care about the negotiation results (who win and by how much)? Or are you completely fed up now and won’t even watch the games if they come back?

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