TED & TEDx talk videos – My baker’s dozen of favourite videos

Inspired by all the TEDxHongKong chatters I had last night with some attendees, I’ve finally done my version of top nth TED videos that inspired me. So here is my baker’s dozen (12+1) of TED and TEDx talk videos that I love and enjoy over the years. Some are popular and some are not.

May be we share a few common ones and we can chat about them in the comments. And if you see a few new ones that you haven’t watched, thats cool too and we can chat in the comments. And may be most important of all, please do share some of your fav! I love to check them out and hear why you love them!

In no particular order, the following are my baker’s dozen (12+1) tweets of my favourite TED & TEDx videos (with links added):

#1 tweet) In no specific order: #TED Malcolm Gladwell, UT alum & best selling author’s Choice, happiness & spaghetti sauce is great

#2 tweet) #TED Malcolm Gladwell‘s “The strange tale of the Norden bombsight” talk is better but unloved because of the harsh message

#3 tweet) A great #TEDxCaltech talk on Richard Feynman by Leonard Susskind. If u never heard of Nobel Prize winning funny man physicist Feynman, try this, you may start to love him.

#4 tweet) #TED Susan Cain is so cool & insightful. Here “The power of introverts” is a must watch for fellow introverts (me INTJ)

#5 tweet) As a movie lover, I found this Roger Ebert‘s #TED “Remaking my voice” a must watch

#6 tweet) I love Chinese artist @aiww So I appreciate Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his #TED film (Ai Weiwei at Wikipedia)

#7 tweet) JR’s #TED Prize wish & talk is surprisingly cool & #awesome! Use art to turn the world inside out

#8 tweet) Fractals? Mandelbrot set? Yes, Benoit Mandelbrot has given a #TEDtalk. Fractals and the art of roughness Loved it

#9 tweet) Clifford Stoll is a legend in the hackers-catching world. Love his#TED talk The call to learn

#10 tweet) I LOVE #TEDxYYC neurosurgeon Dr. Garnette Sutherland work on imaging, robotics & surgery (all rolled into NeuroArm)

#11 tweet) #TED James Cameron: “Before Avatar … a curious boy” Love this quote: “… failure is an option. But fear is not.

#12 tweet) Yes to Jamie Oliver‘s #TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

#13 tweet) LOVE Ueli Gegenschatz‘s #TED talk “Extreme wingsuit flying” in Apr 2009 note: Ueli died tragically in Nov 2009

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