Video chat with Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira (Michonne) at Fox LA

Michonne is a fictional character from the comic book/TV series The Walking Dead (season 3 premiered last night) and is played by Danai Gurira. It was wonderful to have a video chat with Gurira this morning at Fox LA Google+  Hangout.

According to DeAno Jackson, a long time fan of The Walking Dead (both the comic book & TV series), Michonne is a character with a huge fan base and her appearance has been highly anticipated by fans since the show was announced. Gurira said she learned more about Michonne, pronounced “Me-shone”, along the way as she was doing research for the auditioning process. And she realized people anticipating a lot from Michonne but she caught up really fast. And thought that it was really cool to step into the role of where she was really loved, “an entity to herself, so original and fascinating”. While Gurira didn’t have to train for the audition but the team asked about her athletic ability and trusted that they could train her for the role accordingly which they promptly started. Gurira had a very intense six weeks training before the shooting started.

I, from Calgary, got chances to ask Gurira two questions. I first asked (click to jump to that time code) if she ever expect to be in a hit show like Walking Dead, kicking-ass) given her formal training from New York University (an MFA)? And I also got to ask what was her experience like working with showrunner and writer Glen Mazzara and if she has to follow the script strictly or are there lots of give and take? Have a watch of the video to find out.

P.S. This reporter has the pleasure to attend a master class and Q&A with Glen Mazzara, click here for more.

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