I don’t take anything for granted […] Not for one moment. – New Quote I Love

Here is a new addition to my collection of Quotes I Love (with video).

Kathi Goertzen (1958-2012)“I don’t take anything for granted,” she said. “Last night I watched the moon set, and this morning I saw the mountains, clear with snow, and I don’t ever take that for granted. Not for one moment.”

She said the tumors had changed the way she looked at everything. I asked her if that wasn’t a kind of strange blessing, and she agreed.

“Oddly enough, this whole catastrophe with this brain tumor business has been a wonderful experience in many ways,” she said. “It’s changed my life and a lot of people I love. And we’ve learned what’s really important.”


2 Responses to I don’t take anything for granted […] Not for one moment. – New Quote I Love

  1. Elizabeth Aubuchon says:

    I watched our Kathi before and after
    the reports on her health situation. I was
    in awe of her smarts, beauty, deep and
    gracious news delivery. My admiration
    of her carried over and beyond her
    journalistic excellence.

    I could not believe the depth of my
    sorrow for the community, family, and,
    all who loved her when I heard of her departure. She was an epitome of wisdom, dedication, endurance, and most importantly, her excellent shepherd’s work in all aspects. For all these, I smile and look up to the sky and tell her, “peace and love to you, dear model of life, you will never be forgotten.”

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