Hangout with Usain Bolt (the fastest man) at Olympics London 2012 (talking about his Box Lunch and other topics)

Usain Bolt at Olympics London 2012 talking about his Box Lunch

In a wonderfully relax Google+ Hangout On Air (Live Video chat) today at London 2012, Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, got a chance to hangout (via LIVE video) with people from around the world.  Usain was asked what was his number one sport before he focus on Athletics and he immediately answered “Cricket, without a doubt! I was a die hard cricket fan!” Now, Usain is a big football fan and especially Manchester United!

You may not know it but Usain said in the G+ Hangout that it was his cricket coach who encouraged him to run! As Usain delightedly retold, he couldn’t afford a box lunch in his younger days and his cricket told him if he won, he would buy him a box lunch. And of course, Usain ran fast and won! And from that point on, he just continued to run. What a lovely impact a wonderful coach and a box lunch can do to encourage and help a talented athlete!

To Usain, his real breakthrough and greatest moment was when he won in his home country (Jamaica) as a 15 years old boy! Usain corrected people’s misconception that Beijing was his greatest moment but it was really when he was running at home at 15 (2002 World Junior Championships). He had “never been that nervous“, and then he won which Usain said was the moment that defined his whole life.

Thats where it really started for me. And for me, thats wonderful. I cannot forget that moment. When I went back to Trelawny, there was a motorcade. There was so much fun. There was so much awesome for me. And to be 15 at the time, it was so much taken it.” said Bolt.

Then the participants of the Google+ Hangout (one of them actually is my UK friend Mike) got chances to ask Usain Bolt questions. I look forward to watching more news and hangout videos from London 2012 Google+ channel.

Hangout On Air with Usain Bolt before the Olympics

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