Crisis: Will blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng break through Chinese dark cloud of lawlessness?

Chen Guangcheng, blind Chinese lawyer activist recently escaped brutal and groundless Chinese detention

In Chinese the word “crisis” is “危機”, a word compose of two parts, “危” for danger and “機” for opportunity. I am serious when I asked “Will blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng (陳光誠) break through Chinese dark cloud of lawlessness?” As if by chance (and I don’t believe in “pure chance”), Guangcheng‘s Chinese name is “光誠”, “光” is light and “誠” for frankness. I am keeping my fingers crossed for all parties involved, for Chen and his family members and supporters, for the US and Chinese governments, and for the powerless Chinese citizens that rights lawyers like Chen are trying to help in China!

Here are a few latest articles about Chen Guangcheng,

* NYT editorial, “Chen Guangcheng

* CNN, “Arrests, beatings fail to deter Chinese human rights crusader Chen

Note: I think the following WaPo and CBS reporters underestimated Chen‘s desire and determination to stay in China to help powerless Chinese citizens.

* WaPo, “Chen Guangcheng must weigh loss of prominence against protection of U.S. asylum

* CBS, “High stakes for U.S. in China standoff over Chen Guangcheng


Chen in his own words.

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