2012 Alberta Elections – report and random exit poll


NOTE: All interviews are non-scientific and random depending on availability. (Total voters interviews requested: 19; Accepted: 5, Declined: 14)

11:12pm update: All my LIVE broadcast tonight from the PC HQ in Calgary Metropolitan Centre have been posted here.

6:30pm update: Saw this super cute yappy dog (video) on my way to vote in the 2012 Alberta general election.

4pm update: On camera LIVE exit poll and why this voter voted the way she did. LIVE interview #1, additional LIVE interview (#1a) as I was told the voter actually sat on former MLA Ron Stevens‘ board of directors.


The 2012 Alberta general election is one of the most hotly contested elections in recent years. What voters decide today will have deep impact to Albertans, Alberta-based, and Canadian businesses in general. Do Albertans and Alberta-based businesses want a new government? We will find out tonight.

The following are some unscientific random interviews done at a polling station in Calgary and one can wonder/guess if it means anything for the voters who don’t want to share who they vote for. Of course, I totally respect in Canada we have secret ballot for a good reason. TorStar has reported the Wildrose party has raised $2.3m, that is $800,000 more than PCs raised ($1.5m). Calgary Herald is reporting the election front-runners cast their votes in southern Alberta and Edmonton Journal will be one of the media posting election results later tonight.

2012 Alberta Elections – report and random exit poll


Note: If you have questions about the legalities of my exit poll and questions, please see my reply in the comments section.

5 Responses to 2012 Alberta Elections – report and random exit poll

  1. Patrick says:

    Exit polls are illegal. Be careful, or you’ll get a visit from a nice constable. You need to listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc

  2. kempton says:


    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Are you from US as the clip seems to be talking about something in the US. As you can see from my clip and post, I live in Canada and this is an Alberta election.

    Before I posted the article and video, I actually took time to call up and talked to Elections Alberta’s Director of Operations and Communications to confirm what I did was OK. And EA had no problem with it as I wasn’t asking people inside a polling booth/station. By Alberta election law, I am free to talk to people and they are free to answer (or not answer) as they wish.

    Hope this clarifies your questions.

  3. 23h18 Ottawa: CBC has projected a PC win, with WRP 2nd, followed by NDP and Liberals !!!

  4. Apr 23, 2012 23h18 Ottawa: CBC is projecting a strong PC win, with WRP 2nd, followed by Liberals and NDP.

  5. kempton says:

    Thanks for your interest in this Alberta election. :)

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