Google+ Hangout On Air – New YouTube LIVE broadcast function

Kempton LIVE on YouTube via Google+

The powerful Google+ Hangout On Air tool now has some new functions and I am excited about them. Check out this Live YouTube video. I will keep it short. You can watch it live. And then the same link will have the raw recorded video.

Update: Here is the more compacted 3 minutes video.

Google+ Hangout On Air — New YouTube LIVE broadcast functions test

*** Here is the original longer test hangout ***


5 Responses to Google+ Hangout On Air – New YouTube LIVE broadcast function

  1. Chong Xuan Shan says:

    hi ther , i am very interested with this function , but as i know dat only some accounts can use this feature izit ? or is dat any other ways ? btw i really need it for an event broadcasting, i would be very appreciate if you can share the procedure clearer ?
    Thanks ~ !!

  2. kempton says:

    I understand it is Google’s plan to have “On Air” for everyone. It is up to Google to give out beta testing accounts since I don’t work for Google I can’t tell you the procedure.

  3. Chong Xuan Shan says:

    .. so it wont be any way for me to do public broadcast now ?

  4. kempton says:

    Until the “On Air” function is made available to everyone, there are many tools out there already. is one and there are many similar tools out there now (google to find them)!

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