What “Iron” Mike Tyson taught me in Google+ Hangout

Mike Tyson Fox 11 G+ Hangout - pix 02

I missed attending the Fox LA Google+ Hangout with “Iron” Mike Tyson but I’ve just watched the video and I think it was awesome! Thanks Maria and the Hangout plussers for the insightful questions and an awesome experience. Love it!

Here are some of my fav moments and their time codes. Hope you find them somewhat useful.

0:00 The fun start from beginning to end! :)
0:14 The funniest Mic check I’ve seen recently.
2:30 Hello Tom
3:15 About Mike’s one man show
4:10 DeAno’s question re how does it feel be be in the hall of fame?
5:07 Jason’s question re Mike Tyson’s Super Punch-Out video game character
6:05 How Mike feels about the Charlie Sheen roast?
6:50 Justin’s question re the brilliant scene in “The Hangover” movie
8:35 Kim’s question: If you can change one moment in life from a negative to a positive, what would it be?
9:40 Monica’s question: Who are some of the sources/people that have inspired you?
11:20 Sudesh’s question: Will you come to India?
11:55 Mike talks about his Las Vegas one-man show April 13th – 18th, 2012.

I want to point out I haven’t forgotten the serious crime and harms Mike has committed in his life. But I do believe once he (or any other convicted criminals) has served the punishments deemed appropriate by the society, it is to his and the society’s benefit to see him well integrated back into the society and be a productive citizen again.

The Mike I watched on the hangout video looks like a changed man and a “nice” man. I hope he is a genuinely changed man even I don’t know him personally. I have no reason to doubt his sincerity.

What Mike Tyson taught me, actually was what Randy Pausch taught me sometime ago in his famous last lecture. Let me quote from Randy’s lecture transcript (PDF) (emphasis added),

Find the best in everybody.One of the things that Jon Snoddy as I said told me, is that you might have to wait a long time, sometimes years, but people will show you their good side. Just keep waiting no matter how long it takes. No one is all evil. Everybody has a good side, just keep waiting, it will come out.

Mike Tyson Fox 11 G+ Hangout - pix 01


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