Adopted identical twins being raised by two different families 400km apart

Love this TorStar article (with video) by Amy DempseyIdentical twins adopted from China by two different Ontario families grow up 400 km apart” Highly recommended.

“The four parents have driven a combined six hours through snow and rain and rush hour to meet in between their two towns. In a few minutes, one pair will turn around and head back, this time with both girls in tow.

All this so that two 12-year-olds can have a sleepover.

It’s an enormous effort for what will amount to an 18-hour visit, but it is an effort spurred by a promise made years ago, when the parents discovered their adopted daughters had a startling connection.

They were identical twins. […]

The situation is as rare as it is fascinating: Lily and Gillian are one of only a handful of twin pairs in the world known to be growing up in this way — apart, yet together. They are an accidental experiment, giving researchers a new window into human behaviour by allowing them to study the effects of nature and nurture in real-time. For science, Lily and Gillian are a treasure.”


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