Driverless Cars in Nevada and California

The ground rules for the testing of driverless cars are being set in Nevada and California. An excerpt from Bloomberg “Google’s Driverless Cars Get Boost as California Mimics Nevada“,

“‘Building a Framework’

“I’m really excited about seeing Senator Padilla’s work on bringing and building a framework for testing and helping enable the groundwork for consumers to have access to this wonderful new technology,” Google’s product manager, Anthony Levandowski, said at the press conference.
Lawmakers in Hawaii, Oklahoma, Florida and Arizona have also introduced bills to follow Nevada’s lead.

The laws may “provide that boost and regulatory certainty that companies need to develop their products,” said Gary Marchant, director of the Center for the Study of Law, Science and Innovation at Arizona State University (18532MF) in Tempe. Most states don’t specifically prohibit or permit autonomous vehicles, he said.

Major carmakers are working on self-driving prototypes while rolling out semi-autonomous features — such as parking assistance, lane departure warning systems and adaptive cruise control — on premium vehicles now. Yet it’s Google’s car that’s attracted the most attention and inspired the regulatory push.”


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