Election fraudsters “Pierre Poutine” attack Canadian democracy mock Election Canada and voters

News from today across Canada. The election fraudsters “Pierre Poutine” are collectively giving major middle fingers to mock Election Canada and voters! Absolutely unacceptable.

Vancouver Sun, “Public faith in the 2011 vote is gone – judicial inquiry needed; Fraud a serious attack on parliamentary democracy; governor-general would be justified in forcing new federal election”

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s long-sought majority government rests upon 11 seats.

The key to his narrow 2011 victory was Ontario, where the Conservative Party finally breached a Liberal stronghold.

It was in crucial Ontario swing ridings where Conservatives won, often by razor-thin margins, that the government’s majority was decided.

And, it was in Ontario that evidence first surfaced of an apparently well-organized campaign of telephone calls which purported to be from Elections Canada and which told Liberal voters that their polling stations had been relocated and which directed them to bogus voting sites.”

Ottawa Citizen, “Elections Canada falling down on electoral fraud: Democracy Watch

“Elections Canada is failing in its mandate to thwart electoral scams and publicly hold fraudsters to account, the Ottawa-based advocacy group Democracy Watch said Tuesday, as the robocall scandal continued to shake the Harper government’s majority mandate.

“Here we are 144 years since Canada became a so-called democracy and no one can tell whether Elections Canada is enforcing the federal election law fairly and properly because it has kept secret its investigations and rulings on more than 2,280 complaints since 2004,” said spokesman Tyler Sommers.

The Harper government scrambled to keep pace with the burgeoning scandal during Tuesday’s question period, after Postmedia News and the Ottawa Citizen unveiled new details of the election calls that had been routed through RackNine, a Tory-linked firm.”

National Post, “Harper must show robocalls more incompetence than malice

“If the orders didn’t come from the top, could such a campaign have been carried out by a rogue operator at riding level? Not likely say the handful of campaign veterans I canvassed. For starters, who would have fronted up the $30,000 or so such a co-ordinated effort would have cost? Riding associations can barely fund their own campaigns. Secondly, the Tory voter identification database, the Constituent Information Management System, is highly compartmentalized and riding level operatives would not have had access to voter IDs for other parts of the country. Even regional organizers had limited access.

The companies that compile much of that information may have had access to CIMS and the opportunity to re-purpose a legitimate purchase order but, in doing so, would they have risked their livelihoods, their reputations, not to mention their liberty? It’s possible, but the ridings alleged to have been targeted don’t match up to those where voter ID companies like Campaign Research or Research Management Group were working for the Conservatives.”

CBC News, “5 more ridings report suspicious election calls – More voters and campaigns cite cases of misleading robocalls, harassing live calls”

“An Elections Canada investigation into deliberately misleading robocalls made to voters in the Ontario riding of Guelph has traced the calls to a cellphone with a Quebec area code and registered to an apparently phony name, Pierre Poutine.

But Opposition parties have identified some 46 other ridings so far where they suspect voters received false, misleading or harassing live or automated telephone calls during last spring’s election campaign. Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre says the Conservatives have reports of “troubling” phone calls hitting Conservative campaigns in 15 ridings as well, but a party spokesman hasn’t responded to a request for the list.”


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