Oscars 2012: A safe, unfunny, retro-disaster

I love Billy Crystal and even held my VHS copy of When Harry Met Sally to show +Maria Quiban of +My Fox LA I love and respect Billy. I found Billy funny in the years he hosted in the past (videos 1998, 2004). The key is those acts worked in the past, not NOW. To me, last night’s Oscars feel so dated and it was boring, badly paced, and even had technical audio problems! Hello Oscars, audio problems? You must be kidding!

Maria made a great producing point, if the show had opened with the big Cirque du Soleil act with Billy flying in and out of the stage, that will be WOW and something to start the show on a bang! Of course, the rest of the show will still need to be fixed and updated to 2012 but at least that would have been a great start!

One of my tweet last night expressed my sentiment as a viewer.

#Oscars Fooled me once (2011). Fooled me twice (2012). Fooling me three times in a roll (2013)? #youmustbecrazytothinkthat #fail

For those that are in the business of creating entertainment and not just consumption, here is one heck of an insightful review of the retro-disaster Oscars 2012 by THR Chief TV Critic Tim Goodman. Here are some excerpts from the review. Read the full review, it is good.

“The colossal hosting disaster from last year is now forgotten by the safe, unfunny, retro-disaster that was Crystal making jokes that he laughed at repeatedly and overseeing an Oscars telecast that was as poorly paced as any in recent memory. […]

If the Academy wanted safe, it got safe, but it also got what seemed like a lounge act that was entirely too chummy and self-satisfied.

But Crystal is just the rod with nowhere to run in a lightning storm. More blame should be placed on the direction of the show, which started deathly slow (after the predictable and no longer fresh or creative video spoof from Crystal) and then got shockingly more slow as it went along. […]

On the other hand, I was happy for people who helped save the show – Emma Stone, Christopher Plummer, even Angelina Jolie sticking her leg out with authority helped distract from the feeling that the clock was melting. There was even a macaroni-and-cheese commercial that provided a ray of light.

Just a guess here – but since this makes two fairly horrendous Oscars in a row, the Academy will have to really rethink the process next year. And not to guess about others’ feelings, but you can bet that other critics will revile this effort as well.

For all of this talk about how the movies are magic (montage, montage, montage), maybe someone in the business could have sprinkled some of that magic on this telecast. It certainly didn’t transport us to another world – unless that world was a show on another channel.”

Re the way too many montages, I retweeted this thanks to Scott, “RT @scottfeschuk Hey, look, movie actors still like movies. Neat.

By the way, here is a good read, Oscars 2012: what I learned from the Hollywood parties


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