Oscar 2012 – Best Picture The Artist & more

Check out this “Oscars 2012: The Artist Producer and Jean Dujardin Backstage Interview

Here is a THR hosted “Q&A with the cast and crew of ‘The Artist.’ The crew talks about filming on th Warner Bros. and Paramount back lots as well as Los Angeles’ historic Orpheum Theatre.”

THR “Award Season Roundtable Series: The Actors Uncensored” – Full uncensored video of our roundtable interview with George Clooney, Christopher Plummer, Gary Oldman, Chastoph Waltz, Albert Brooks and Nick Nolte.

Oscar Roundtable 2012: Erotic Memories

Clooney Defends Being Called a Sellout

Award Season Roundtable Series: The Producers Uncensored

Note: I will update this post with new info I find.


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