Canadians aren’t that stupid @ToewsVic #TellVicEverything

“Canadians aren’t that stupid.” @RickMercer’s message to @ToewsVic
#TellVicEverything #cdnpoli #c30 [HT]

Ontario Privacy Commish on Online Spying Bills (CBC interview)

One Response to Canadians aren’t that stupid @ToewsVic #TellVicEverything

  1. Traflo says:

    This is only the beginning.
    Vikileaks30 is only one of many many sites I’m sure that will be popping up shortly.
    After insulting and downgrading most law abiding Canadian citizens, Stephan Harper will find out how enraged people really are next election.
    Like his well know cheating ways, Vic Toews tried to pass a bill without knowing all the contents.
    This cheating Vic Toews guy will do Harper and the Conservatives in. Seems like Harper has no clue either of what’s inside bill C-30 and if anybody should be on top of such an important piece of legislation, it should be him. He’s dropped the ball on law abiding Canadians to what seems to be for pleasing Obama and the R.C.M.P.
    From what I read, most Canadians seem to be with the child pornographers.
    If Harper has any balls or decency left in him, why doesn’t he fire that no good citizen Vic Toews.
    This man is an embarrassment to this Parliament and Canada as a whole and it’s citizens….
    Now, just like the Americans as you claim about your bill C-30 Mr.Toews, why don’t you pass a bill that gives Canadians the right to bear arms just like the Americans. I don’t believe Obama would object if you ask him nicely.
    If this bill C-30 stays in, then you can expect the conservatives won’t be for long.

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