2012 Rio Body Painting Art in Brazilian Carnival Andrea Martins

I think the video clip “2012 Rio Body Painting Art in Brazilian Carnival Andrea Martins” is beautiful.

And I left the following comment on the video,

Beautiful without being sexual! Wish I could be there at 2012 Brazilian Carnival!

which I got this reply

@KemptonLam thank you so much for this enormous compliment…this is what I have been struggling for years and years!!! One of the best comments ever received in more than 10 million views…this is what I always fought for, remove this misappropriation of Brazil Carnival. Thank you so much!!

belavistario 56 minutes ago

and my respond to that

@belavistario I am glad my comment made you happy. The lady in the video (and how the video is shot) gave me a wonderful sense of beauty, energy, and excitement that I know I will feel in a Brazilian Carnival! Whoever filmed the video (I don’t know if it was you) did a wonderful service to show a wonderful side of Brazil to us! Keep up the good work.

See more comments and replies in this Google+ post. And text and photos in “Full Body Painting Conquered Brazilian Carnival: Body Art Gains Momentum

[HT +Robert Redl]

P.S. Here is a Chinese reply I left to a Facebook comment “太大膽啦••• @_@'”,


Feb 20, 2012 update: Interesting read from MarketWatch, “Rio’s Carnival: Not just a local party anymore – Huge street fair seen as warm-up for World Cup and Olympics

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