White House on Jeremy Lin – “it’s the kind of sports story that transcends the sport itself”

Love the following exchange between a reporter and White House press secretary Jay Carney . Here is an excerpt from the transcript (emphasis added),

“Q Jay, on a lighter note, is the President following at all the story of Jeremy Lin, the Knicks sensation — “Linsanity,” that kind of seems to be catching the world by storm? I understand the Chinese are very interested in him as well.

MR. CARNEY: As you know, the President is an avid sports fan, and a particularly avid basketball fan, and we were speaking about Jeremy Lin on Marine One as we flew here — to Andrews Air Force Base this morning. If anybody caught the highlights from last night, they were pretty breathtaking. It’s just a great story, and the President was saying as much this morning. It’s obviously terrific for the New York Knicks, but it’s the kind of sports story that transcends the sport itself. It involves people who don’t necessarily pay attention — I got my wife to watch the highlights this morning. She was pretty amazed, and she doesn’t watch basketball. So it’s a great story. And, yes, he’s very impressed and fully up to speed.

Q So had he seen —

MR. CARNEY: Oh, yes.

Q He’s seen the highlights?

MR. CARNEY: Yes. I know he’s watched Lin play already, and he had seen the highlights from last night’s game.

Q Has he called “Linsanity”? (Laughter.)

MR. CARNEY: I don’t have any calls to read out to you.

Q Thank you.

MR. CARNEY: Thank you.”

P.S. Have a read of this fantastic Knicks post as well “Jeremy Lin: Humble In Rise to Stardom“.

As an aside, I hope Jeremy will keep playing well and improve on his skills over, hopefully, a long career. And then the spell checker will stop complaining about “Linsanity” because it will be in the dictionary one day! :)


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