Ricky Gervais’ jokes at Golden Globes 2012

Ricky Gervais hosting 2012 Golden Globes

Jan 18, 2012 update: Ricky Gervais on David Letterman 2012.01.17 talking about his Golden Globes performance, etc

Live Blogging/tweeting Golden Globes in reverse order of posting (latest posting first).

* Ricky linked to these two show reviews, New York Post “Irreverent Ricky keeps party zinging” and USA Today “For Globe openers, Gervais is up to his old quips”.

* THR, “TV Ratings: Golden Globes Steady in 2012

“Though most time zone adjusted numbers aren’t yet available, the 2012 Golden Globes look likely to retain much of its audience from last year’s show. Sunday’s Globes were broadcast live across the country, with a 8:00 p.m. encore in the Pacific Time Zone, so current stats on total viewers and adults 18-49 are subject to likely revision and are expected to go up.”

* Post-show comments: Check out, very good show reviews from

– UK Daily Mail, “Golden Globes 2012: He’s back and naughtier than ever! Beer-swilling Ricky Gervais drops the F-word, jokes about the size of his penis and Jodie Foster’s ‘Beaver'”

– The Atlantic, “The Insufferable Self-Seriousness of the Golden Globes”

– Macleans, “Oh, Ricky, You’ll Say Anything

And I think the best review is by THR Chief TV Critic Tim Goodman, “Golden Globes 2012 Review: Ricky Gervais a ‘Letdown,’ ‘Punk’d’ the Awards“. I like Tim’s “‘Punk’d'” theory but I don’t know if it is true and we will find out from Ricky soon. Here is an excerpt from Tim’s Review (emphasis added),

“The trouble with the Golden Globes telecast this year was simple — it was egregiously boring. The Oscars and Emmys can’t get here fast enough to erase this three-hour dud.
Does Gervais deserve some of the blame? Well, in so much that he led a lot of people to believe he was going to be a very naughty boy, then yes. Otherwise, he was funny enough. He did his bit. And let’s remember that the host at the Globes is often absent for vast stretches of time — last year’s running internet joke was that the Globes had fired Gervais mid-show and he’d never return. But it was just how the show has evolved. The host is, essentially, a minimal presence.
No, the Globes were boring all on their own.

“Ah, but there’s something clever afoot when you think about Gervais’ underwhelming performance. Think about it. Think still more. And now consider this: Ricky Gervais just Punk’d the Globes. He exacted revenge for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association making such a stink last year and taking the moral high ground, lambasting him for being cruel and petty, a bitter outcast comic among real actors and stars. It could be that Gervais’ skin really is that thick and he didn’t suffer their angry arrows. Or it could be that when the Globes realized it really did need Gervais because controversy breeds ratings and ratings keep you viable, that Gervais plotted his revenge.
And Sunday night he took it. He wasn’t merciless. He wasn’t outraged. Hell, he didn’t even seem very involved or even committed. It’s as if he said, “You hired me last year knowing what you’d get, then you fired me when you got it. Well, this year you get what you truly wanted. And you definitely get what you deserve.
Cheeky, that. Oh, you clever, clever bastard. Well played, Ricky Gervais. You got the Globes but good.

And some “ok” reviews from LA Times and Reuters, and see THR for “Golden Globes 2012: The Winners List

Golden Globes 2012 – Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue

* In answer to VanityFair’s Tweet question, “Who wants to guess what Ricky Gervais said that required a 4-second bleep at the #goldenglobes?

UK Daily Mail provides an answer, “A nervous NBC took full advantage of the seven-second delay that it imposed scrambling to hit mute when he appeared to say that he couldn’t ‘f***ing’ understand what Antonio Banderas was saying to him earlier on behind-the-scenes.

An even the graceful Meryl Streep got beeped too! (update: confirmed by Meryl) Again, according to UK Daily Mail, “Turning the air blue: Meryl Streep also made the network reach for the mute button when she appeared to say ‘s***’ upon discovering that she had taken to the stage without her glasses

* Tweet, “Love @rickygervais but my impossibly high expectations weren’t met. So podcast with Seinfeld, Rock, & CK in 2013 so I can mute #goldenglobes

* RT, “[…] ‘He’s very racist, and punches blind kittens, please welcome Colin Firth!’ – @rickygervais line of the night.”

* Tweet, “Ok, @rickygervais got blanked/censored. And Antonio Banderas replying in Spanish is a great work around. No idea what he said. #goldenglobes

* RT, “Finally, I muted #goldenglobes!” for a few minutes.

* RT, “‘If clooney gets any bigger or handsomer he’d b hosting this general next year!’ lol @rickygervais #goldenglobes

* RT, “”There’s a pecking order here. TV ’round the edge, movie stars in the middle.” –@rickygervais #gg

* RT, “More Cancon. And this time… “Hello, I am Seth Rogen and I am currently trying to conceal a massive erection.” #GoldenGlobes” Funny as Seth was presenting with the beautiful (but may be a bit thin) Kate Beckinsale.

* RT, “”Just thank the two i thank. My agent and God. Both God and my Agent had the exact amount of input in my career” lololol @rickygervais”

* RT, “Advice to winners, per @RickyGervais: “You don’t need to thank everyone you’ve ever met. Or members of your family. They’ve done nothing.””

* Tweet, “Back to @RickyGervais zings, and the stars are glaring. #AtLast #GoldenGlobes”

* Some of my fav lines via HuffPost “Ricky Gervais Monologue Golden Globes 2012: Star Fires Insults

– “The Golden Globes are to the oscars are what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton, actually: a bit lourder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker and more easily bought. Allegedly, nothing’s been proved. But who needs the Oscars?”

– “Tonight, you get Britain’s biggest comedian hosting the world’s second biggest award show on America’s third biggest network. Oh, sorry, fourth. It’s fourth.

– “The Hollywood Foreign Press have warned me that if I insult you or cause any controversy, they would invite me back next year… [They gave me] list of rules, and this is real: no profanity, that’s fine, I’ve got a huge vocabulary. No nudity — see that’s a shame, because iv’e got a huge… vocabulary, but tiny penis.”

* Tweet, “@VanityFair Really “Didn’t let”? Words probably too strong. Will wait and see what @rickygervais says in the rest of the night!”

* Tweet, “Ashton Kutcher serious face on #goldenglobes is funny (in light of@rickygervais joke last year). Will see what happen next.”

* Tweet, “Funny @rickygervais Asking Jonny Depp: Have you seen The Tourist yet? :)” Ha ha, Jonny doesn’t watch any of his films (good or bad).

* Tweet, “OK @rickygervais is trying hard to beat up hollywood foreign press! :) Yeah, Jonny as first presenter! :)” Very funny exchange.

* RT, “Rules for @rickygervais: no profanity. No nudity. No innuendo. No libel. I musnt mention Mel Gibson’s private life, or Jodie Foster’s beaver”

* RT, “Jodie Foster rolling with the punches amid @rickygervais‘s Mel Gibson and “Beaver” jokes. Good for her!”

* Tweet, “It is fun to see the stars’ faces when @rickygervais tell his jokes!”

* Tweet, “Reading list of #GoldenGlobes rules and it is fun. @rickygervais

— Coming — 6:00pm MST Show starts. (Check out Guardian Live blog of GG) (Looking forward to Ricky’s Letterman Jan 17th already. Watch 2011 Aug 2nd Letterman appearance.) Stay tune.

5:52pm MST Hoping/wishing @rickygervais will #win some & #fail some! Don’t play it safe! Yes, I will regret it but it will be more fun! #yyc #canada

5:30pm MST Cool pix tweeted by Ricky!


Ricky Gervais is the man to watch tonight at Golden Globes 2012! Not many people, including Ricky, would have imagined his positive impact on Golden Globes‘s viewership when he first hosted in 2010. I plan to live blog/tweeti some of my commentaries about Ricky’s jokes tonight while I watch the Golden Globes and have my dinner. :) Whether you like his jokes or not, it will be a memorable night. As a fan of Ricky, I can say I will love some of his edgy jokes and probably find some of his Life’s Too Short related jokes harder to laugh at. Will see.


If you are a Canadian, check out this Globe and Mail video Ricky Gervais a Canadian? (video and news via CP) “The Brit comic says he looked into getting Canadian citizenship many years ago, thinking it would be “useful in a war.” Gervais discussed his Canadian roots on the red carpet at the Banff World Television Festival

On a personal note, meeting and interviewing Ricky at 2010 Banff was one of my highlight in attending Banff over the years.

Ricky Gervais & me


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