New polymer Canada $100 notes coming today (Nov 14th)

Nov 17th update:  Happy to say I finally got a chance to play with my new Canada polymer C$100 bill (with video).
Update Nov 16th: Just checked with Bank of Canada and got some clarifications. It will take BoC a few weeks to get the polymer $100 notes to different cities and local bank branches. And once the banks have the new $100, they will start removing the old $100 notes from circulation. Meaning if you deposit an old $100, it will be shipped back to Bank of Canada to be destroyed.


Update: CTV News, “Polymer $100 bill now in circulation” (with video)

CBC News: “New polymer $100 bill goes into circulation – First in series of new bills, the $100s have enhanced security features to thwart counterfeiters” (with video)

“Do Canada’s new bank notes fit the bill?”


The new polymer Canada  $100 notes are finally here today (Nov 14, 2011)! Here is a press release from Bank of Canada with a link to their live webcast,


Audio and video Webcasts of the official ceremony to issue the new $100 polymer bank note will be available at 13:00 (Eastern Time).

The Webcasts will be accessible from this location:

Note: We recommend that you access Webcasts five minutes before their scheduled start time.”

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