Dissident China artist Ai Weiwei’s supporters sent $1.4 million to fight tax bill in court

* AP, Dissident China artist raises $1.4M for tax bill

“Ai received 8.69 million yuan ($1.4 million) from supporters as of Sunday night, the artist said by phone. This is enough for him to put down a guarantee of more than 8 million yuan by Tuesday required by the tax authority to obtain an administrative review of the case.”

* The Voice Of Treason – China’s most famous dissident artist, Ai Weiwei, speaks out about the ordeal of his Detention

“”They follow you around until you have no energy and break down. It’s very successful. It’s a hundred departments, you can’t fight them,” he says. “You should commit suicide before you have to go through this … the tax bureau and the court and the police are the same person with different faces.”

Ai Weiwei Documentary ‘Never Sorry’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry TEASER


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